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Don Miskel 1st Novel- Dead Assets

Dead Assets by Don Miskel

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Uninvited revelers bypass the grave to crash the societal party in and around Norfolk, Virginia. The police and military may be equipped with firearms and other elaborate weaponry but the undead do not require technological advancements or tactical training to get their point across. Armed with bad breath, a serious oral fixation and a butt-ugly mug only an undead mother could love, the zombie seeks to procreate its new, aberrant species by way of the bite. It may inhabit a familiar shell but it is no longer the loved one, the coworker or casual acquaintance it may resemble. It has become a predatory machine that knows neither reason nor fear. But it may not be the only monster on the block…

Dead Assets chronicles the effects of the outbreak from several perspectives, as the introduction of lumbering corpses on an unsuspecting public means different things to different people.

As the President promises everything will be all right, the governor declares a state of emergency...a sailor is presented with more than just another pretty face during an overseas visit…the dynamics of love, loyalty and friendship are tested and press the envelope with interesting results…for others, the undead may provide a reprieve from the aftermath of a slumped economy…

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I really enjoyed this book, I like how he introduced his characters. His description of times and places were great, I was able to create a good picture in my mind.- JL

I absolutely loved this book!!! I could not put it down. I definitely cannot wait for more from this writer. Don Miskel is definitely one to watch for!!!- AR

I usually don't read this genre, but I thorughly enjoyed this book! The stories were great and flowed well. I look forward to more from this author. :)- RM

Twin boys and overworked mothers...back-talking teens and their fed-up fathers... cartoonish pimps and their less-than-forthcoming, um, employees...

Don penned this story for the sake of being cynical, utterly ridiculous and to invoke a chuckle or two. It was submitted for inclusion in the 2012 volume of Tidewater Community College's literary digest, "The Channel Marker" on a complete dare.

Surprisingly, it was accepted. Once it was, Don was invited to do a reading for an audience of students and staff. "The Electric Spanking Machine" was a ludicrous standout in a sea of overly-emotive pieces about pondering suicide and states of depression, causing snickering and smiles in the crowd.

Laughable masterpiece? Probably. Irreverent nonsense? Definitely. Gutbustingly funny? Surely hope so (hey, is "gutbustingly" even a word?!). Either way, enjoy!!!

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