Don Miskel
Who is Don Miskel?
Don Miskel- Bestselling Author
Overactive Imagination and A Twisted Sense of Humor 
Don Miskel is a storyteller and artist with an overactive imagination and twisted sense of humor. He recently published his horror novel, Dead Assets: Three Zombie Tales with Bite and contributed a comedic short story, “The Electric Spanking Machine” to Tidewater Community College’s annual literary anthology, The Channel Marker.

A native of Chicago and world citizen, he retired from military service and now resides in Southeastern Virginia with his family.  His heart is in what he writes. He is a graduate of Saint Leo University.

True to form, Don has several other projects in the works, none of which he will divulge the contents of at this time. He will continue to write the horrific as it allows free creative reign but also will churn out books in other genres. “I am a multifaceted man,” he says. “Just as I don’t leave my radio stuck on the same station playing only one type of music all day, I’m not going to get pegged spinning only one type of tale. I have many stories that encompass various sides of the human experience. I want to produce quality work that makes you laugh ‘til you cry, love ‘til it hurts and keep your night light on—sometimes all within the same set of pages. More than that, I want to cause you to stop and think. Let me tell you a story…”